In the midst of sunny, bright and cheerful hills in the North of Lazio Region, close to Umbria and Tuscany you can find a lovely spot for all those who enjoy the nature and its beauty.

The Rocchette Castle is set on a tuff hill, towering over two green valleys crosses of streams and brooks.
Placed on a quiet and peaceful spot, it offers a breathtaking view over woods of oak and fir trees.

The castle can be rented by a single group consisting of between 15 and 42 people, which means that you won’t be sharing the whole structure with other groups or individuals. The minimum stay is 2 days in low season and 7 days in high season (in this case with start on Saturday).

The castle is easily reached, but the final part of the road (last 900 metres, i.e. 1000 yards) cannot be used by big coaches or buses as it is a dirt road.
The castle has 42 beds in 17 en suite lodgings with showers.
Inside the castle there is a daytime living area consisting of three rooms: one with a satellite TV and billiard table, one with a big fireplace and one dining hall. (all together 120 square metres).  

The first historical data go back to the 15th century when the castle used to be a watchtower. Afterwards some more buildings were added in order to create a small fortified unit, made up of the main building, two twin cottages and a chapel overlooking a small pebbled square, which you can reach by a stone and wooden bridge (once a drawbridge).

Castello delle Rocchette



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